About Craig

Craig is a local businessman who is standing to be the Member of Parliament for Romsey and Southampton North. After studying medicine at the University of Edinburgh, Craig founded Multiplay in 1997. The business ran successfully for 19 years before being sold to GAME Digital PLC. Since then, Craig has been an active investor and adviser to start up businesses across the UK and Europe. Craig lives with his wife and daughter in West Wellow. 

"If elected I will do everything I can to stop a disastrous no deal that the Tories are determined to push through at any cost. I want to give the people of Romsey and Southampton North the representation in Westminster they deserve, and to fight for the issues that matter to people."

If you elect me, my key priorities will be:

  1. Stopping a disastrous no-deal Brexit - no-deal will be terrible for our economy, and nobody was asked to vote on it. I will do everything in my power to stop it happening.
  2. Protecting our NHS - the Tories are happy to sell the NHS to American corporations as part of their no-deal Brexit plan. I will make sure we protect and fund our NHS and those that work in it.
  3. Supporting businesses - I will make sure that businesses have the support they need to grow our economy, create jobs, and improve our prosperity.
  4. Taking action on the climate crisis - the Tories have ignored the climate crisis, spending more on Brexit propaganda than on saving our planet. I will take the fight to Westminster, demanding action.
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